Bizkit Album Renamed Again, Wrestlemania Guitarists Named

frontman Fred Durst posted a new message on his website on Wednesday, revealing that he once again has changed the title of the band’s forthcoming album, and denied the self-leaked ‘Just Drop Dead’ is about Britney Spears. “Wake up! The new Limp Bizkit CD is not called ‘Bipolar’, it is not called ‘Less is More’, it is called ‘Fetus More’ until I decide it shouldn’t be,” Durst said. “Whatever I’m feeling it is on the day the artwork is due then that will be the final title. We are playing Wrestlemania this weekend. On the guitars will be Head from Korn and Mike Smith from Snot. We’ve been working with Mike for a while. He’s dope. We’re going to play ‘Crack Addict’ and one surprise song. After that, we are gonna go back in the studio Monday and record 3 more songs. We just can’t stop the creative process. As soon as we think we’re done some other phat ass riff come barreling out of our amps. Next thing you know we have another song. So there. it ain’t over ’til its over. I’m feeling the majority of everyone wants us to drop a super heavey ‘traditional’ Limp song first and some people want something totally opposite. I’d like to hear what you think. Please call the Firm at (310) 860-8105 and ask for Peter Katsis. Tell him what you’d like. That would be mighty cool of you. And one more thing. ‘Just Drop Dead’ is not about Britney Spears! It’s about a girl who acts like a whore. You know what I mean? The new site is launching soon and its sooo much better! You’re gonna bug out! Anyway, be safe, say your prayers, and don’t give a fu** about what anyone thinks of you being you!”

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