Bin Laden Searches Compared To Telethon Performers

It is fascinating how much the world has changed in the past 2 weeks, and one way to look at it is by seeing how August searches on for Bin Laden and Al Qaida compare to rock musicians who performed on the America: Tribute to Heroes telethon last Friday.

While rocker Neil Young topped the list with 16,188 searches, others still topped the world’s most wanted terrorist even before his orchestrated attack on September 11. Fred Durst had 7,962 searches, Bono had 4,056 seaches, and Eddie Vedder had 3,061 searches…. Osama Bin Laden 1258 searches! Al Qaida… 43 searches! U.S. born terrorist Timothy McVeigh, whose actions killed more Americans than any other terrorist before the Sept 11 attack, had 4,584 searches.

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