Billy From Good Charlotte On What Punk Means caught up with Billy from and asked him if he thinks over the years, the term “punk” has lost its meaning.
“I think people overuse the word ‘punk’. We spent two years on the Warped Tour, and I heard the word ‘punk’ more than I heard the word ‘the’. People say it so much,” Billy explained. “I’ve actually never been that much of a punk fan. If you look at Benji, you can tell he’s quite the punk fan. That’s what he grew up on. I think a lot of people call us a punk band, and if you listen to our music, it’s not really all that punk. But I think the lyrics, the attitude, the way we come across live, and the whole atmosphere around Good Charlotte is sort of punk. I’m not even really sure what the word means anymore. Punk music was just about revolting and being anti whatever. You can pretty much apply that to anything. Our music is about revolting against the norm and speaking up for things.”

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2 thoughts on “Billy From Good Charlotte On What Punk Means

  1. sarebrae says:

    I do believe punk is just a different style of music, and if we never had the punk stage of music, music wouldn’t be what it is today. punk music is the type of music that isn’t scared of what people think of feel towards them. they say what they believe is true and should be spoken about. if it wasn’t for punk music we wouldn’t have bands like the Misfits or Fall Out Boy or any other band. If it wasn’t for them half of the worlds problems would just be thrown away but they stand up for what others believe in they let the world know their feelings about some subject and they don’t care what those people think. Good Charlotte isn’t band its the lyrics that are in the songs that make them punk. their attitudes, they way the dress. that is what gives them the punk. their music is just music, music that has helped me with a lot of my problems. when I was younger I use to think the my whole world was falling into pieces but when I listen to hold on it gave me hope. it made me see nothing is worth dying for. no matter how much you love something or someone they are never worth dying for unless it is your family. I look up to this band, I love their music I love the way they tell people how it is and they don’t change for anyone. I love how they stand up for what they believe in. and that is my comment for this subject.


  2. sarebrae says:

    Good Chartlotte isn’t punk**

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