Beverly Hills Skin Doc Wins Suit Against Courtney Love

The Enquirer reports wound up in court for refusing to face up to a bill for a face-lift-like procedure. “Courtney had a ‘Diamond Dermabrasion’ face-lift to try to get rid of sun damage as well as drug and alcohol damage to her skin,” an insider explained. “Diamond Dermabrasion is an ingenious treatment using diamond-shaped crystals. It’s a combination of scraping and suction that Courtney’s beauty therapist, Regina Knobel, described as ‘sandblasting the skin.’ Courtney said she loved the way she looked afterward but blew off paying Knobel her fees. Knobel’s office tried repeatedly to collect $3,304 from Courtney but she ignored the statements as well as the calls from the collection agency. So as a final resort, Knobel decided to file a lawsuit in small claims court and won fees plus court costs.”

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