Better Than Ezra Hurt The Most By File Sharing

Mike Prevatt of the Las Vegas Mercury spoke with ’s bassist Tom Drummond about the group’s contribution to the Recording Industry Association of America ad spots against illegally downloading music files. “Y’know, we’re probably the size of the band that gets hurt the most,” Drummond said, laughing. “The big bands, does it really affect them? Nah. The smaller bands? No, any exposure is good. For us, we’re in the middle. It seems there should be a way to have accountability for the songwriting portion of that.” As for the RIAA lawsuits against KaZaA users, he says, “I use my iPod and go to the iTunes store every week, and buy songs for 99 cents each. Hopefully others will mimic it; that will take a while. As far as [suing] someone, that’s kinda iffy.” Read more.

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