Bert McCracken Says Onstage Puking Isn’t Staged

Craig Rosen of caught up with the Used lead singer Bert McCracken and guitarist Quinn Allman. Bert was asked about his reputation for puking onstage. “I don’t [deliberately] puke onstage. Never have, never will, never,” he said. “No, I don’t puke onstage. There have been times… I mean, when I move around onstage, it’s like running a mile and I just get so exhausted, and then when I try to scream there has been times where I vomited all over the stage, but it tears up my vocal chords so much I have to scream and sing the rest of the show with vomit in my throat. I mean, a lot of kids come to the show and go, ‘Are you going to vomit?’ It’s not a gimmick, so if you want to see a gimmick go to the vomit circus, ’cause I’m not going to vomit onstage if it all possible. If you get lucky, you might see me puke. I hate to throw up. Do you like to throw up? I hate it. It’s like suffocating.”

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One thought on “Bert McCracken Says Onstage Puking Isn’t Staged

  1. Hush Miateria says:

    It’s okay we all hate to puke but it’s not your fault so don’t feel bad!! you’re still frigging awesome dude!!

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