Bert McCracken Explains Billy Corgan Bust-Up

Spin magazine has more details on frontman Bert McCracken’s bust-up with Billy Corgan of Zwan. The Used performed ahead of Zwan at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show in Los Angeles and as Bert finished the set, he encouraged fans to throw trash on the stage. Then, backstage, McCracken tripped Corgan. “He looked way too important to talk to anyone,” he says. “So, playfully, I stuck my foot out. Then he turned around and gave me this look like ‘I hate you more than anyone on the whole world!'” The shocked McCracken then said, “I’ve always been a big Smashing Pumpkins fan. I’m just kind of a troublemaker at heart.” No comment from Corgan.

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One thought on “Bert McCracken Explains Billy Corgan Bust-Up

  1. Travis says:

    You rock Bert!

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