Bentley Says America Should Follow World Trends

Popzine Online caught up with Jay Bentley of and asked the bassist that during his world travels, are there any trends that he’d like to see integrated into America. Jay jokingly responded, “Yeah, all of them.” He expanded, “You know what? In traveling around what I’ve realized is that America as a country is too large; there are too many people and it’s just too vast. Watching Europe kind of come together as a euro nation–you can see the problems they are having trying to just make it all happen and all that’s within the span of half of what the continental United States is. I find that that it’s just overwhelming what America is. When you think of any trends that you’d like to bring back to America you look at the comments made by I think it was [War Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld who said, ‘You’re thinking of old Europe.’ He was talking specifically of Germany and France. Those are countries that have been quote on quote ‘Simonized’ for thousands of years. They’ve pretty much been running since a thousand, [laughs] right, and now we’re 2003. It shows when you go there, you can see that these civilizations have been through this already and they really understand preservation and conservation and all of the things that it takes to maintain sustainable growth. Even though as a species-Yeah, the Matrix is right, we’re a virus. Just as a being on this planet we just take everything that we can and move on to the next and then we take everything that’s there and move on to the next thing and the next thing, well eventually there won’t be another next thing and that’s the end of it. I think, if anything, the one thing that I would like the most from people that live in America is to kind of realize that time is short and resources are short and it’s not quite as safe as they think it is. When 9/11 happened and everyone was so shocked-this has been going on for thousands of years. Welcome to the real world. This is how it is outside of that bubble that is America. So maybe if people could just kind of step onto the 21st century and say, ‘What can we do to make things better?’ I’d like to see that.” Read more.

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