Bennington Doesn’t Care About Critics, But Hardly Sounds Like It

Michael Deeds of The Idaho Statesman caught up with Chester Bennington of and quizzed the singer on his thoughts on critics who say their ‘Hybrid Theory’ follow-up ‘Meteora’ doesn’t take any risks and is just a copy of their successful sound. “What a fu**ing joke,” he fumed. “It’s like, if you want a band to change their fu**ing style, then that’s fine. But it’s, like, we’re not going to come out as a different band. … My point of view as far as reviews go, is that I really don’t care about what people say about our record. And quite honestly, if we ever get anything above two stars, I’ll be fu**ing surprised. Because we never did on the last record. And it doesn’t matter.” has since removed the article.

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