Benji Madden Left Tongue-Tied By Christina Aguilera

Benji Madden of stopped by MTV”s Total Request Live on Friday to talk about the Video Music Awards last night, where the group took home the Viewer’s Choice Award. He also talked about stepping out of their after party to check out Madonna’s party and how he got a little tongue-tied meeting his crush Christina Aguilera. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: Big surprises and big hand for benji from good charlotte.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Benji: What’s up?

TRL: Well, first up, congratulations. Good charlotte has come so far.

Benji: Thank you.

TRL: You have a moonman.

Benji: Yes.

TRL: You nabbed the viewers’ choice moonman. We were talking this past
week and you were saying this is the most important award. If you can win
any award out of any you’re nominated for this is the most important.

Benji: One thing our band has been about, the one thing we do is tour.
We’re always hanging out with our fans at the shows. I mean, nobody would
really care about us if our fans didn’T. Because we’re a little pop-punk
band from, you know, waldorf, maryland. So, yeah, so that was the only
one. Like if we didn’t think we were going to win any, but if we could
have picked one to win, that was the one.

TRL: As a fan, i felt a little dissed last night. I have to get this
out in the open. I went to your after-party. Good charlotte after-party,
but there was no good charlotte when I showed up. Where were you guys?

Benji: Well, the place is crowded. You remember?

TRL: It was very crowded.

Benji: I came back.

TRL: Where were you at?

Benji: I withant to — I went and actually hang out at the madonna’s

TRL: Oh.

TRL: Who was that?

Benji: Well, I hung out with limp bizkit. That was cool. Talking of
a collaboration maybe.

TRL: Really?

Benji: Yeah. Got to hang out with like christina aguilera was there.
That was talking to her.

TRL: Now, wait. What happened with the crush there?

Benji: It’s still there.

TRL: But did you give her your number?

Benji: Every time i get within arm’s reach I start getting nervous.
I start stuttering and I go — it’s — okay —

TRL: But she knows about your crush. Did she say anything?

Benji: No, she’s cool. Come on. That girl can have anybody she wants.

TRL: Who wouldn’t want benji?

Benji: It was fun. And back at our party, we had actually our friend
are in a car club called the rum blers and they up to the show. There was
like 60 of them. So they were filling up the whole club. That was cool.
It was a good, fun time.

TRL: Great music at your party. Guns n’ roses, and others.

TRL: Shout out for benji. They’re a family, they didn’t wimp out.

Benji: One more time, we want to thank our fans for everything we have.

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One thought on “Benji Madden Left Tongue-Tied By Christina Aguilera

  1. cpl says:

    (Benji) How cute! I wish guys would be all nervous like that when I was single. Geez.

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