Benji And Joel Host MTV’s TRL

Good Charlotte tattoos

’s Benji and Joel hosted MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday and when Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ took the #1 spot for the first time, Benji proclaimed, “It took you three days to get her to the top but she finally is. I’m proclaiming this my favorite video all time in history, ever, ever.” The pair also took some questions from fans. Read on for the Q&A sessions.

Fan: Just wondering what your new tattoo and where is it.

Benji: My newest tattoo that I can show you is on my hand right here with my best friend Brian back home it is three stitches to symbolize blood brothers, you know, we are blood brothers, might as well be brothers do you have any tattoos.

Fan: When you’re getting ready for bed at night how do you dress do you prefer to be like in pajamas or prefer to be natural

Joel: I’ll be honest with you I sleep in my clothes, I usually get home and fall asleep, kick my shoes off and fall asleep in my clothes is that fine.

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