Being Rushed Is No Sweat For Memphis May Fire

Memphis May Fire

singer Matty Mullins spoke with The Aquarian Weekly in a Q&A, where he talked about whether the band felt rushed by releasing their second album ‘The Hollow’ so quickly after their ‘Between The Lies’ EP came out this past fall. “We were rushed, but it’s a lot easier to be rushed than most bands,” Mullins said. “Our guitar player Kellen writes all of our music. He’ll just sit at home for days and come out with the most incredible work, and it’s really impressive. Once he starts writing, he gives it to me to write the vocals to. While we were recording ‘Between The Lies’, I was actually writing the vocals for ‘The Hollow’. As soon as we were done recording ‘Between The Lies’ we went to Orlando and started recording the new album. So it felt rushed at first, but the producer we did it with, Cameron Mizell, was so understanding if we needed to write when we were there. I think the fact that we were kind of rushed on a few things made it so we didn’t over-think anything. So it turned out like no album we’d ever done before, which is a fantastic thing.”

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