Being A Rock Star Is Good And Bad For Karges

Press of Atlantic City spoke with bass player Murphy Karges on his thoughts being a ‘rock star’. Karges said, “Rock star is a strange word. I’d say it’s good and it’s bad. Let’s say I go play golf in Wisconsin or somewhere… I meet a couple of guys, talk about what each person does and you mention you’re in this band. They say, ‘Oh, no way, I think my kid’s into you,’ and you get to sign an autograph for someone. It’s nice to be part of something that makes someone happy. I’m lucky to be in this position. But I’m not really comfortable being in the spotlight. I’m better one on one. I think Mark enjoys that more. He likes doing the red carpet thing and covers of magazines. Everybody’s different. I think it’s a double-sided thing. I think you can enjoy it and it’s strange sometimes.” has since removed the article.

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