‘Behind Blue Eyes’ Video Premiere

Contributed Anonymously:

’s new controversial video, “Behind Blue Eyes”, premiered on MTV’s Making The Video last night. The video clip stars Halle Berry and a eyebrow raising kiss between the oscar winning actress and Fred Durst. Read on for a brief summary.

The video starts off with Fred singing with a bright, white light behind him, Fred is all you see. Then slowly the camera pans off to the right a little, slightly behind Fred you see Halle take over the singing. When she gets done singing, a tear runs down her cheek. Then the bright white light goes away, and you see Fred wearing a blue jacket and he is sitting on a bench. You see him through the glass door. Halle, dressed in white, in doctor uniform, approaches the door. The guard slowly opens the door and Fred and Halle approach eachother. Right about when the song starts the lyrics of:
“Discover, L-I-M-P…”
Halle and Fred start the kiss. The camera is close though, right up to their faces. ( I thought the kiss was the perfect length, and was perfectly executed. ) After the:
“Discover, L-I-M-P…”
is over, the Camera pans out, and you see that the clothes of Fred and Halle had been switched; Fred is the doctor and Halle is the patient. Fred exits the room, and continues to look back at Halle, slowly walking backwards. The door is shut and locked. When Fred is about halfway through the hallway, Halle suddenly runs at the door, and falls to the floor, staring at Fred, grabbing the glass door. Fred then exits the hallway, and the video is over.

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