Beautiful Creature’s Anthony Focx Blasted By Metal Sludge

Beautiful Creature’s Anthony Focx apparently is trying to lie about his age telling’s 20 Questions “I wasn’t born yet!!!” when asked what he remembered about 1972. The singer according to the site was actually born in 1966 and Sludge warns, “Here’s some advice for everybody: If you want to lie about your age, try shaving off a year or two. You might get away with that.
But anybody who thinks they can shave off 10 fu**ing years is a complete and utter moron. If it didn’t work for Trixter, then it won’t work for you. And they tried pulling that sh** off before the internet and still got busted!”

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One thought on “Beautiful Creature’s Anthony Focx Blasted By Metal Sludge

  1. scott says:

    Hey, Tony I was your drum roadie some time ago and one day I was driving you and your girlfriend to a carnival and with your car I broke some woman’s leg backing out of a parking spot. Sorry man! Love Scott.

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