Battle Of The Bands – Flickerstick & The Strokes

Charles Marshall of attended shows by both Flickerstick and the Strokes and wondered afterwards who would win in the Flickerstick triumphing VH1 show Bands on the Run. Marshall said, “Despite (or maybe even because of) the biting jabs about being “bratty rich kids,” the Strokes exude the allure of rock’s forbidden side — a glimpse inside the cool kids party in the back room of some dark nightclub or somebody’s downtown loft. Flickerstick, by contrast, has the wide-open hospitality of an all-campus party, bound and determined to win over every member of the audience with every ounce of music (and effects) that they can muster. Because rock fans usually favor the forbidden over the accessible, I figure they most likely would choose the cool kids club hosted by the Strokes.” Read his reviews of their live acts and more commentary here.

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