Bandmate Clears The Air On Jani Lane Being A Cook did a 20 questions with guitarist Billy Morris, who cleared the air on the group’s frontman Jani Lane working as a cook. “I would like to use this case in point to make a statement on the whole kitchen fiasco at the Hi-Fi Club. Number 1, and in bold letters, JANI LANE NEVER WAS A COOK AT THE HI-FI,” he insisted. “Uh, last year, when I got off the road with Poison, I took all the money that I made and me and my two partners bought this club in Lakewood called the Hi-Fi Club. It had a kitchen in it. And you know, whenever I’m hanging out at Jani’s house, or we go out, you know, we always talk food. We like to cook. He’s a great cook. And I asked Jani, I said, ‘you know, would you help me? Would you come down and get this kitchen up to code?’ Because in his youth he’s worked in kitchens before. He’s like, ‘sure, I’ve got nothing to do and I like to cook.’ So he comes down, and me and him, mainly him, cleans the whole place up, helps me get a menu going. Taught me some of his own techniques on how to cook stuff. And then, you know, the grand opening and he happens to be there, he’s in the kitchen, and some FU**….takes a….I saw the guy do it, takes a pocket camera and reaches over and snaps a picture of Jani cooking. You know, they announce that on MTV that he’s a chef in Cleveland. So he’s not and never was, and I repeat this, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, was employed as a cook at the Hi-Fi. He helped me out and it turned around and back fired because of all the flak he took for it. Which indirectly went to me and I feel really bad about it. Anybody who thinks Jani is a cook….is way wrong.” Check out the entire interview here.

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