Bam Bam Plays Sebastian vs. Metal Sludge Peacemaker

drummer Mark “Bam Bam” McConnell actually did a 20 Questions with despite Bach being extremely hostile in the past towards guys that even wore t-shirts for the website. Bam Bam explained, “He used to dig you guys. Why don’t you be cool with him?” Later, when asked who deserves a smack in the mouth, Bam Bam blasted, “. Can you say FAGGOT? This girl calls my house, and needs a drummer. Once he, (she), finds out I have played with Bas, he, (she), decides that he, (she), does not want me to do the tour because he, (she) assumes I’m a heroin addict because I played with (OH NO!!!) Sebastian Bach. DUDES….Hear this….NO DRUGS!”

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