‘Ballistic’ Pamela Anderson Calls Off Tommy Lee Wedding

The Enquirer reports Pamela Anderson and former drummer called off a planned Las Vegas wedding after Tommy asked the ‘Baywatch’ babe to give him $600,000 to pay off his mortgage and tax debt on the $3 million mansion Lee owns. “Tommy pleaded with Pam, ‘You don’t want me to lose our family’s home, the place our children were born, do you?’,” a source explained. “That’s when Pam went ballastic! She screamed, ‘The only reason that you wanted to get back together is because you thought I was a soft touch! You used me and you used our children. I don’t care how hard up you are for cash. I’m not giving you a dime!’ Tommy begged: ‘I’ll do anything – I’ll even get a regular job.’ But it only angered Pam more. It was a very ugly scene. Stunned Tommy was open-mouthed as Pam packed up the kids and drove off.”

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