Axl’s Plane Was Diverted To Seattle After Cancellation

The Ottawa Citizen has more details from the cancelled Guns N’ Roses performance which caused a riot in Vancouver Thursday night. A statement issued Friday from Harvey Jones, GM Place manager of operations, said only that “a decision to cancel this show was made when it was recognized that the band could not take the stage at a reasonable time.” Axl had blamed Jones in an interview with KISW. “Basically the building manager just decided, and in our opinion prematurely, that the show was just canceled, and he didn’t discuss it with anyone,” Axl said. “He just announced it over the P.A.” Sources close to band told the Vancouver Province the plane was diverted to Seattle when Mr. Rose was notified of the cancellation. Guns N’ Roses performed Friday night in Tacoma as scheduled. has since removed the article.

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