Axl Rose Unknowingly Ends Up In Mostly Gay Gym

Star magazine reports Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose unknowingly ended up in a mostly gay gym in Tacoma before the group kicked off it’s U.S. tour. “The boys were frantic,” a source at the gym revealed. “They didn’t know if he was even going to stay. He looked pretty surprised. But he stayed, and they just started running up to him for autographs. He signed every one of them.” Axl even waited patiently in line for many of the weightlifting contraptions without insulting anyone or acting up.

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2 thoughts on “Axl Rose Unknowingly Ends Up In Mostly Gay Gym

  1. axlblowme says:

    Hey if you see Axl Rose in any picture he looks gayer that Richard Simmons.

  2. axlblowme says:

    Besides I think that’s why he is so mad at Slash for turning him down.

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