Axl Rose Exploits Become White Noise

Josh Bell of Las Vegas Weekly weighed in on the abrupt and yet to be explained cancellation of the Guns N’ Roses tour after frontman Axl Rose failed to show up at the First Union Center in Philadelphia on December 6th. Bell writes, “At a certain point, though, it all just becomes so much white noise. For those not following every little detail of the ongoing GNR saga, the basic impression is this: The band is unreliable, Rose is over the hill, no new album or tour will succeed. There’s only so long that Rose can continue to milk the name that he bought from the other original members before even the hardcore fans get tired of it and stay home. He’s very close to becoming the hard-rock Michael Jackson, known more for his ridiculous antics than for the music he makes (or doesn’t make).” has since removed the article.

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