Avril’s Punk Turned Marketing Concept Infuriates Rotten

The idea that punk has been turned into a marketing concept infuriates The Sex Pistols frontman , especially faux punks such as Avril Lavigne. However, he is angrier at the machine than the actual artists. “I look at those punks on MTV’s Top 30 or whatever and I feel sad for them,” he tells Glenn Gamboa of Newsday. “They look ridiculous. They are trying to turn a safety pin into an art form, when the reality is that when you don’t know how to sew, how else are you going to keep a sleeve on? I can’t hardly wipe my own bum, I’m hardly something to look up to, so I see these people trying to look like me and I think, ‘You’re nothing but a coat hanger.’ It’s all image to them. You have to earn your wings first.”

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