Avril Lavigne Deserves Rock Radio Airplay

Bernard Zuel of the Sydney Morning Herald reviewed Avril Lavigne’s concert at Entertainment Centre on Tuesday (June 3). Zuel argues that the singer should be played on rock stations after seeing her perform. “Those stations are happy to play Blink 182, Frenzal Rhomb, or any of a dozen interchangeable bands who play what has become known as California punk,” he argued. “What’s the difference? Those bands all wear the same clothes, talk the same ‘we’re rebels’ talk and play the same type of songs, all sounding as polished as any MOR band, even if the guitars are thrashed a bit harder. They’re about as punk, about as ‘real’, as Mariah Carey. Could the difference be that Lavigne is a girl and her audience is made up primarily of girls, often pre-teens?” Read more.

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