Author: Kurt Cobain Was To Divorce Courtney Love

Everett True spoke with The New York Daily News about his upcoming book, ‘: The Biography’, and how at one point late frontman Kurt Cobain appeared to have made the call to end his marriage to . Michael ‘Cali’ DeWitt, who was serving as the couple’s manny for their daughter Frances Bean, recalled that on the day Nirvana shot the ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ video, a huge fight escalated between Love and Cobain and “in the classic Kurt way of saying fu** you, he put a cigarette out in the middle of his forehead. If you watch the video, there’s a lot of makeup on his forehead because it was a really bad scab.’?” True said soon afterwards, Cobain “phoned Courtney, got into a fight, and immediately called his lawyer, Rosemary Carroll, to tell her he wanted a divorce.” The full article at has since been removed or relocated.

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2 thoughts on “Author: Kurt Cobain Was To Divorce Courtney Love

  1. Suki says:

    That silly film that tried and is still trying soo hard to blame Courtney for the death of kurt, it is so desperate and stupid and it has really caused a lot of damage for the remaining Cobain family and of course Francis. I think the not so secret cyber bullies have in fact actually managed to bully Francis to stay away from her mother lest she too be dubbed as a monster and a witch and a whore. All of these name callings were what drove Kurt over the brink. He hated it soo much when Courtney was getting raped in the press back when they first married. All that smack that was talked by a bunch of no nothing idiots resulted in Francis being taken away from Kurt and Courtney. Their newborn child was taken away from them because of a stupid magazine article. Kurt hated anyone saying anything negative or mean about Courtney. Kurt and Courtney were like one person when they were together, truly soul mates. Kurt adored her. I was around them a lot at the time and I promise you Courtney is really a good hearted person down deep inside and was devastated when kurt died. I really think to honor Kurt’s memory and Francis’ life, we should refrain from all this ridiculous, and childish nonsense about a murder conspiracy. And refrain from hurling insults at the mother of Kurt’s One and only heir. Rest in Peace my beautiful friend, Love Suki

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