Audioslave Featured On This Week’s FlyScreen

Brad Wilk and Chris Cornell of chatted with Jade from Australia’s FlyScreen this week. Tim revealed he got burned on the ‘Cochise’ vide shoot. Chris wasn’t sure their latest video ‘Like a Stone’ was filmed in the same house that Jimmy Hendrix wrote ‘Purple Haze’. Chris joked that Brad should play piano on the next album in the same style as Chris Cornell. Later, Tom Morello and Tim Commerford were interviewed to complete the Audioslave lineup. Tim says they had to take it slow with Chris as opposed to Zac de La Rocha. Tom talked a bit about his Axis of Justice project, which has taken over for the politics left behind by Rage Against the Machine. They also talked about the cover art done on their self-titled debut. has since removed the video.

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