Atreyu Hope To Release New Album By Late Summer

spoke with Ryan Manno of Chicago’s Q101.1 FM at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last week ahead of the 2009 Grammy Awards. They talked about the washout of the station’s Block Party last year, beginning work on a new album and having fifteen songs written so far, and plans to release the disc late summer. Watch the brief interview via YouTube below.

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14 thoughts on “Atreyu Hope To Release New Album By Late Summer

  1. Headbanger18 says:


  2. Daergal says:

    FU**ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fred Martinez says:

    I’ve listened to almost every single metalcore band in the world and I swear Atreyu is by far the best I have ever herd in my 14 years of life!!!

  4. Travis Pendergrass says:

    Hopefully it will be better than Lead Sails….that was a HORRIBLE album compared to their other awesome albums.

  5. ElizaDeath says:

    I’m Super Excited. Atreyu Can Do So Much Better Than The Lead Sails.. Album.

  6. ben finlay says:

    Atreyu is the best band in the world and Atreyu is not metalcore Fred Martinez they are just metal and yes they can do so much better than the lead sails please go back to the old stuff

  7. Duty says:

    Since the EP Visions Atreyu has caught the ears of many listeners by the force of their brutal lyrics all the way to their beautiful display of a slightly more alternative sounds of LSPA. I am ecstatic to be informed that my favorite band is planning to release a new album digging back to their roots while adding a twist of new flavor to the mix. Even Saller’s side project has a wonderful ring to it. As soon as the first full song is completely recorded it would be most appreciated by all Atreyu fans if we could get a taste of what is to come. Until then, we will anxiously await the release of the new album.

  8. MITCH says:


  9. Maciel Garcia says:


  10. Nick says:

    wonder what 80’s song they’ll cover for this record…

  11. sam says:

    Dude Lead Sails Paper Anchor was their best album to date and one of the best I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

  12. jason says:

    Lead Sails wasn’t as good as their other albums but I can’t wait for this one it’s gonna be awesome!

  13. sheltonz says:

    I think that lead sails was definitely not a horrible album, but at the same time wasn’t there best album to date. It was still a very good album, but I think a lot of the fanbase wants a little older ‘Atreyu’ in the new album

  14. john says:

    hey guys look Atreyu is the best metal band EVER I love them I’ve got all the albums and in my own opinion The Curse is the bested by far but that’s just me Lead Sails Paper Anchor
    Was pretty good way off the norm. But that’s what I love about them they mix it up I will be the first one in my city to get there new album it drops Oct.27,2009

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