Ash Frontman Weighs In On Doherty’s Troubles

Radio 1 was on hand for the V festival and spoke with several of the acts, including Tim Wheeler from , who touched on the troubles of of the Libertines, who has not been with the band for a while after admitting he was addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. “Watching the Libertines is like watching a bad soap opera – very tragic – heroin, crack, yeah I think it’s very sad, but they seem to be trying to get on with it,” Tim said. “We almost did it ourselves a bit in the early days, you know, we shot ourselves in the foot a lot of times, but you know, we survived it. I think by realizing it’s the music that matters at the end of the day. Our second album didn’t do so well, so we were sort of facing the brink, and then we just pulled ourselves together and we had to write a really strong album. I guess if it does, it’s a big wake up call for us.”

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