Arm’s Love Of Rock And Roll Didn’t Sit Well With Mom

Mudhoney singer-guitarist Mark Arm tells Jason Bracelin of the Cleveland Scene that his early love of rock and roll didn’t sit well with Mother, a German émigré with a background in opera. “It wasn’t like ‘Don’t listen to rock and roll — that’s sinful music,'” Arm recalls. “It was ‘Don’t listen to rock and roll — it’s crap. You should only listen to classical.’ She’s from Germany, so she has a very strong idea of what is right and what is wrong, no matter how arbitrary it might be. She grew up as a Hitler youth, so that kind of sh** was instilled in her, you know. ‘There’s a correct way to fold the laundry and a wrong way to fold the laundry,’ and it goes completely across the board, from boiling potatoes to music.” has since removed the article.

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