Arctic Monkeys Singer Denied Entry At Sheffield Bar

The People reports singer Alex Turner was barred from the Cavendish bar in his Sheffield hometown after a doorman failed to recognize him – and didn’t believe he was over 18. “Alex is one of the most famous people in pop but he and drummer Matt Helders had to queue,” a source said. “When they got to the front the bouncer grabbed Alex and said, ‘How old are you, mate?’ He told them he was 20 but the bouncer said, ‘I don’t believe you – you got any ID?’ Alex said, ‘I don’t need ID. I’m Alex Turner. I’m the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys’. The bouncer said, ‘I don’t give a toss, you don’t look 18 and you need ID’. Alex eventually moved on but he wasn’t happy.” Read more.

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One thought on “Arctic Monkeys Singer Denied Entry At Sheffield Bar

  1. johnny says:

    bollocks, absolute bollocks

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