Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow On Metal Being Out Of The Mainstream

frontwoman Angela Gossow answered several fan questions on her official web site, including her thoughts on why metal doesn’t seem as widely accepted and praised in America as it is over in Europe. “Metal in Europe has no mainstream acceptance either,” Gossow said. “What we got is a very lively festival culture and a lot of them are catering to metal fans. I think America’s problem is the dominating role religion plays in politics and social live. Religion obstructs freedom and the acceptance of opposed forms of art. And metal still goes against the grain.”

As for whether she’s had to deal with people who look down upon her because of your position in the metal world, Gossow said, “I am here to inspire, to encourage and simply to have a great time. I came a long way, starting out in an underground band to become the most recognized extreme female singer in the metal world. Whoever looks down on me has surely not tried what I am doing and most certainly has not achieved even half of it and must be very arrogant and intolerant. And I don’t waste my time with idiots. I couldn’t care less.” The complete Q&A session at has since been removed.

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