Arcade Fire Bring A Scaled Down Show Down Under

Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara spoke with Time Off magazine about the group’s Australian leg of their world tour, which will feature the full ten piece lineup. “Yep, definitely. The only thing that’s going to be a little scaled back is the production and video and stuff: at the moment we’re playing arenas and these huge big hollow venues in the UK so we have a fair amount of production, but down there we’re gonna be playing in the afternoon so we don’t need all the fancy lights and stuff,” he said. “But it’ll be the full band, for sure.”

Jokingly asked whether fans could expect a Mötley Crue style revolving drum cage, Gara laughed, “No, no, none of that. I’m definitely the least drummer-like of drummers. Actually, I did this one interview with some UK drummer’s magazine and it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. He’s like ‘What size are your cymbals?’ and I’m like ‘I… don’t… know…’ Like, ‘Who are your favorite drummers?’ and I couldn’t name any. It was really, really embarrassing. I mean, I appreciate the revolving drum cage, for what it’s worth, but it’s not for me.” The article at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Arcade Fire Bring A Scaled Down Show Down Under

  1. Plate Roll says:

    Arcade Fire is such a real band. No faking or posers in it. They just play for the music, and it shows in the passion and purity you can hear in the songs. I love how he doesn’t know the size of his symbols. Not that it would be bad if he did, but you can tell the music is whats important, not the image or knowledge one has.

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