Anti-Flag’s Thetic ‘Really Proud’ Of Upcoming Album


drummer Pat Thetic tells Beat magazine that the veteran band’s tour is giving them a chance to showcase material from the group’s forthcoming album ‘The Bright Lights of America’, set for release soon. “We have a new record that’s gonna be coming out in March/April of 08,” he told Daniel Hedger. “It’s called ‘Bright Lights of America’. We went in a bit of a different direction on this record; I’m really proud of it, it’s got a great sound to it and a good feel.”

The group channeled the anger they felt due to a recent tragedy into the music that makes up the group’s ninth album. “I don’t know if you’re familiar with our world,” Pat said. “But (bass player) # 2’s sister was murdered in January of ’07, so that definitely put us in a different direction a bit and made us look at things a little bit more on a personal level and a little less globally. So we were looking to do a record that captured some of those elements. In situations like that, where there’s nothing you can do, it just sucks everywhere; you’re like, well, when things suck in our world, what do we do? We play music and we try to communicate with people so let’s do this for ourselves and create something that will at least give us something positive to put our energy in rather than just being angry and frustrated and hurt and all the other emotions that come along with something like that.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

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