Anti-Flag: Obama Win First Step In The Right Direction


checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, reacting to news Barack Obama has been elected the 44th U.S. President. “We believe that this is a significant step in the right direction,” Justin Sane said. “However, it is only the first step. In this last election you saw gay rights being trampled. There were two initiatives in two states to do away with affirmative action programs, and both of those initiatives were passed. We still have a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Civil liberties are being eroded away. Guantemo Bay is still there. There’s still so many issues that it’s up to us to put the pressure on our elected officials to make sure that we continue to progress in a positive direction.” Watch the message below.

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One thought on “Anti-Flag: Obama Win First Step In The Right Direction

  1. winston smith says:

    Vote? Do you honestly think your vote counts? really informed people know the votes are fraudulent and guided by the Bilderberg group, Trilateral commission and council on foreign relations. all candidates are pre-positioned and the winner is already chosen. Barack Obama is a new world order stooge who has been under the wing of Zbigniew Brzezinski since the early 80s. Brzezinski is co-founder of the trilateral commission and was head on communist affairs for 30 years where he met Obama at Columbia university. Brzezinksi has been appointed foreign policy adviser to Obama despite the fact that he funded and gave training assistance to the Mujahadeen in the late 70s to fight the soviets. The Mujahadeen later spawned al-Qaeda. in 2004 Brzezinski also gave political asylum to Ilyas Achmadov, the known Chechen rebel terrorist who was involved in the massacre of 300 women and children at a school in Russia. Achmadov received a Reagan grant and lives at the expense of the tax payers. Barack Obama said he wanted to restore habeas corpus for Guantanamo and other detainees yet they just ruled the prisoners would have no such rights. Obama says they are going to close Guantanamo in a year, yet all other torture facilities will remain open. Obama says he is going to close secret cia rendition torture prisons, yet when you actually read the bill it says that prisons “used for transitory purposes will remain open”, so they aren’t going to close them all and the torture will remain. Obama wants to create a civilian military spy force and one million person youth brigade, mirroring the Hitler youth. Obama perpetuates the global warming myth to push a global carbon tax on the people. top environmentalist scientists have been caught faking data to push global warming, which is a fraud. Obama is a staunch 2nd amendment hater and wants to ban our constitutional right to bear arms, so then only the criminals will have weapons and law abiding citizens will be defenseless against crime. Obama is pro world government, as are his trilateral commission, CFR, neo-con cronies. Obama doesn’t want to even look at prosecuting the Bush/Cheney war crimes. Obama is a distant cousin to both Cheney and bush. Obama also attends Bilderberg meetings where they guide foreign policy, which is treason, as us officials are not allowed to conspire with other nations leaders. Obama wants to keep the Bush/Cheney dictatorial powers such as the unconstitutional patriot act which allows illegal surveillance, torture, renditions, and allows activists and protesters to be treated as terrorists. just look at the RNC 8 who are being charged as felons for “conspiring to riot in furtherance of terrorism” …this is the change he was talking about? George W Bush was the worst president ever…until now

    do your research people… voting changes nothing, get out there, get active… get involved. stop listening to CNN and Fox News. I would also recommend reading Obama: the postmodern coup by Webster Griffin Tarpley as it is critical from a leftist perspective. resist-dissent-revolt.

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