Anthrax Won’t Give Up

vocalist John Bush has told The Belfast Telegraph that his group has no intentions of giving up despite bandmember departures, fights with record labels, and altercations with the press. “We’ve had a lot of highs and lows with Anthrax,” Bush said. “For some reason this is most apparent in the U.S. One year they’ll love us and the next they won’t. All we can do is make sure we come out fighting with a great record and an even better live show. Europe’s a bit different for us, though. Heavy metal will never die in Europe and as far as Anthrax are concerned, we’re bigger and better than ever.” He added, “Life’s great in Anthrax at the moment. Our [latest] album, ‘We’ve Come For You All’, seems to have gone down really well with the fans and critics alike. It feels like we’ve really made an album to stand up there alongside any Anthrax album in the past.”

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