Anthrax Guitarist Checks In After London Show

guitarist Scott Ian posted the following message on the band’s official web site: “I’m just waking up from last night’s insanity in London. The show was the best yet. Best Astoria show ever and dare I say the best show of the tour so far. You always hear how cities like London, New York, Los Angeles are always jaded because they get a million shows etc. That’s never been the case for us. All of those cities have constantly been amazing and London especially has been a high point. The energy last night was over the top. There was never a lull. I felt myself going for it at a level beyond my normal physical capabilities. I couldn’t help myself, the crowd was that good. The U.K. has been there for us since the beginning. We broke here before anywhere else and the strength and loyalty of our audience here is a testament to the big-hearted nature of the British that I love. I got to meet so many CDC members [Anthrax’s official fan club] the last few days all wearing their colors proudly. It’s nice to put a face to the names I chat with. Last night I met bigbossway and his bride to be and they are using ‘Safe Home’ as their wedding song!!! I’ll be sad to leave the U.K. on Thursday. Nottingham tonight and then we’ll see you on the next record.”

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