Anthrax Frontman On Maximum Rock 2000 Tour Pullout

vocalist John Bush spoke with about what exactly happened at the end of the and Megadeth Maximum Rock 2000 tour which Anthrax pulled out of and if he thought it ended badly. “It ended badly in the sense that the tour wasn’t doing very well,” Bush responded. “At the time there was a lot of competition during the summer of 2000. It was really busy. We were probably playing bigger venues than the bands at that time should have played. Ticket sales were struggling, and Motley wanted to cut everybody’s pay. We couldn’t afford to do that because then we would have been losing money. I mean, that was one of the reasons we did the tour was to make a little money—not sh**loads — just some. Now, to take a loss to do that tour would have been an error, so three weeks in when they came to us wanting to cut our pay in half we couldn’t do it. We weren’t going to take tour support to do that tour. It would have been the stupidest thing we could ever do.” Read the entire transcript here.

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