Anthrax Drummer Gets Out The Vote

drummer Charlie Benante has posted the following message on the band’s official web site on Sunday (November 5):

It’s that time again, you get to vote — YEAH!!! Let’s all meet up at the going out of business Tower Records in Shaumburg and make a change. Oh boy, Herman Munster, I mean John Kerry really screwed up, or did he? Of course not that the troops are stupid. It’d like to see Kerry or Bush drive a tank or guide a missile. It’s the politicians and commanders that got us into this mess are the morons and we’re still a nation where all too often it’s the young, the poor or less fortunate fighting the wars. It’s not like you’ll see Paris Hilton or Harvard grad students signing up to fight anytime soon. I wonder if our troops over in Iraq thought for one second that by enlisting in the armed forces that they would be fighting for their lives every day? I guess it’s a thought that you hope wouldn’t become a reality, but it did. No battle lines, you’re just a moving target. No enemy troops just road side bombs and fanatics with sand in their ass crack blowing themselves up. In fu**ing sane. Enough about that. We need to make a change in this country. I hope it happens this Tuesday.

The entire message at has since been removed.

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