Anselmo: I’m Gonna Kick Al Qaeda’s Ass

Former Pantera / current Superjoint Ritual frontman Philip Anselmo has told a Cleveland radio station that he is “gonna kick Al Qaeda’s Ass.” Speaking in a message recorded for troops over seas Anselmo said: “You guys, overseas. My Lord, this is Philip H. Anselmo from Superjoint Ritual. And I do nothing – nothing – as of late but write about our situations in a military light, in a political light. We are backed into a corner, and the reason I say ‘we’ is because there’s a lot of people out there that want to protest the war, and this and that, what-not. Look, the Middle East has been a pile of sh** for over seven decades? I don’t know, I have no idea maybe it’s longer than that.”

“I guess all we’re trying to do is show them first of all, there is a way, there is a way to make your country work. Secondly, if you don’t catch on to the way, we’ll kick your ass some more! And as far as your terrorists and that goes. Only that, and pretty much that only, is going to get even deeper and deeper into the Middle East, and WE WILL KICK YOUR ASS. Deep into the Middle East. I suggest you take heed – any of you – and if you are out there, and you’re a plotter, and you’re with the al Qaeda, you are my enemy, and I dare you to face me one on one – EVER! ‘Cause I will fu**ing destroy you.”

“Thank you.”

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