Angst Isn’t A Requirement For Sum 41 Fan Membership

Sum 41 'Does This Look Infected'

Tom Sinclair of Entertainment Weekly reviewed ’s new album ‘Does This Look Infected?’ giving it a B- grade. Sinclair writes, “Where ’70s (and some ’80s and ’90s) punk attracted a disparate array of supporters, from intellectuals to professional malcontents, Sum 41’s output seems tailor-made for pimply adolescents, and angst isn’t a requirement for membership in their fan club. Still, it’s churlish to begrudge the younguns their fun. It’s a new world, and new rules apply for ambitious young punk rock bands. The best we old curmudgeons can do is hope that ‘Infected’ might actually infect some listeners with an urge to explore the wealth of great archival punk music.” Read more.

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