Angelina Jolie Is The Woman Of Fred Durst’s Dreams

After splitting from Britney Spears recently, frontman Fred Durst has picked up a new love interest. On a post on today, Fred confesses that Angelina Jolie is the woman of his dreams… literally. “I had an interesting dream last night about Angelina Jolie,” Durst explained. “I dreamt that I was in London playing her some new songs. She stopped me in the middle of ‘Build a Bridge’ and asked if it was about her. I didnt know what to say so I kept playing the song and she stopped me again and asked me to please tell her who this song is about. So I told her and she kissed me like no other. Of course my phone rings and wakes me up. That is truly and literally the woman of my dreams. Whoa!! I think about her way too much.”

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