Andrew WK To Host Show For MTV2

has been asked by MTV2 to host his own show. According to the singer, “Originally I had so many ideas and plans that I could barely think. I mean, my own TV show? I can do anything I want! WOW! At first I wanted to do something really planned out — something more in a studio where the focus was super singular, but then after thinking about it more, I realized that I just wanted to talk and hang out with people. I thought it would be much better if the show wasn’t only about me, but about all the awesome people that are part of what we’re doing and part of the world. You know? It’s going to be a show where anybody can have the chance to be on, and we’ll just do stuff. My main idea with that is to solve problems, or give advice and help. You know? All I’m really thinking is that I want it to be OUR thing, not just a show where you watch this one guy do everything, but a show where you can watch your friends and people do cool stuff and work on basic things. Someone can write in to us, and if choose them we’ll go to their house and hang out and talk about their life and their family and school and problems and good stuff and bad stuff… whatever. We’ll go to people’s work and help them out on the job and see what they’re doing and how they make it happen. You’ll see! All I know is that it’s going to be awesome… and it’s up to you to make it really great! Together we will do this, and we will do it all the way!

“Anyway, we’re not exactly sure when the show starts, but we’re going to start filming it right away this December and January 2003-2004. We have a lot of stuff to film, so we’ll be working on it for a while. It’s right in the beginning, but it will race forward before we even know it. Just keep your eyes wide and bloodshot with a fresh water drop and look at the information that comes from where it counts!” Check out more on the show here.

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