Amy Lee Says Everyone Knows Britney Spears Is Fake

In video for ‘Everybody’s Fool’, singer Amy Lee dresses in Britney Spears style school-girl and dominatrix outfits, showing Lee’s distaste for the images used to promote most female pop stars. She wrote the song five years ago for her younger sister. “At this point, everybody knows that Britney is fake,” Lee tells Jim Abbott of Knight Ridder Newspapers. “The song is not about Britney Spears; it’s about a lot of people in this industry. It’s so fake, the whole Hollywood thing. ‘Look at how perfect I am!’ Nobody looks like that. It’s all fake and it’s really hurting a lot of girls’ and women’s self images. Where are all the normal people?”

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12 thoughts on “Amy Lee Says Everyone Knows Britney Spears Is Fake

  1. Lyncan says:

    It’s true. A lot of girls kill themselves because they feel that they aren’t pretty enough. It’s stupid, and degrading how so many pop stars think that they can get off with acting like bullies. Their basically saying, ‘Oh, you’re so not worth the guys. I’m the best because I’m pretty. Worship the ground I walk on!’ It’s pathetic. Ami Lee is one of the best persons I know that can stop this. Why?? Because she’s famous, and she puts those people down! She retaliates! She doesn’t stand for that crap! And just because you’re famous and pretty, doesn’t mean you can get away with things like that.

  2. sam says:

    I totally agree, not because Amy Lee’s my idol (ROCK ON), but because if you think about how many girls have died for something that is so not worth to die for. How many families, friends, or any other loved ones have suffered…. they all died for something that most pop stars have achieved only by money and surgeons, its pathetic >:(

  3. C_Jay says:

    I agree that the industry is pretty fake but I don’t think its right to target the only one who’s lived her life out in the media, Britney… she’s far from fake, she’s had a public breakdown, lost custody to her kids etc… I’d hardly call that fake ! Amy Lee needs to watch what she says because Britney has a much more huge fan base which partly support Evanescence… it’s not like Amy can afford to lose fans !

  4. Lawrence says:

    She’s only using Britney to gain attention because she knew that she don’t have any career at all.

  5. Keira_Starr says:

    Just let the irrelevant people stay irrelevant. We all know she can never touch Britney. Let her be. :)

  6. britney army says:


  7. trent says:

    Ha.She herself is fake. Fake dyed hair.

  8. trent says:

    Amy Lee has fake black hair. And wears craploads of makeup too.She can’t accuse anyone rightly.

  9. Sam says:

    I think that Amy lee had absolutely no right to say that about britney, and what I can definitely say about Amy lee is that she’s a major hippocrite, she’s been to plenty of events where she’s revealed herself in an equal way to britney on countless numbers of times, like when she was at the teen choice awards in 2003, you can clearly see that if she bent down the slightest, you would be able to see right up her skirt, and at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2004, Amy Lee wore an outfit that looked like it was designed for britney, it was equally revealing to what britney wears in a lot of her videos. There are more events that Amy lee has been to that shows that she wears revealing clothes but I feel like that was a good enough example, so Amy lee is just jealous of britney purely because Amy knows that she will never have nearly as much fame as britney has ever had and that pisses her off bigtime, she also said in an interview that her sister was listening to britney spears and that it pissed her off, and why would that be? Because her sister chooses not to look up to her big sister Amy, she chose to look up to britney, because she likes her better. Amy is up herself and spoilt, AMY IS FAKE. that’s why so many members from the band evanescence leave all the time, because she always wants it her way, she could never compromise to be fair with the band, she just wanted the goose that lays the golden egg, well maybe if Amy hadn’t of been so selfish with the former band members, maybe she would’ve been more successful in the music industry. all of the old members from evanescence went and created we are the fallen with Carly Smithson, so basically they got a new lead singer and changed the band name, they were all happier because Carly wasn’t up herself and she didn’t have an attitude thinking she was better than every singer in the music industry, and the members liked that about Carly. And I know that Carly Smithson isn’t perfect, she has judged miley Cyrus on how she acts and what she wears, but the point is, she wasn’t bossy with the band and that’s why we are the fallen formed as a band, I also heard an interview with Amy lee and goth boy, and goth boy asked her how would she kill Britney Spears, and she said she would choke britney with her corset and poison her, ( here’s a link to the interview: ) copy and paste it on YouTube, and hearing that interview I couldn’t believe my ears, I thought to myself Amy Lee is a bully?! And because I was really starting to become a fan of her music I was so shocked, because I was listening to evanescence because I used to get bullied at school, and I was picked on sometimes because I liked to listen to Britney Spears, and I’d listen to that cover of Korn’s thoughtless (Now my favourite band, korn rocks!) that amy Lee did and I’d listen to going under and sweet sacrifice. And I used get picked on so much and I got told that I should go die, for no reason in high school, and that’s why I can relate to Korn way more, because I can only understand the victims, not the bullies, I got no time for haters. and after hearing that interview with Amy Lee, to be honest, it did break my heart, I actually cried a little bit, because when you find out that a singer that you look up to so much says something like that, it hurts, she reminded me of the bullies at school. And I know for a fact that it would tear me apart if someone in the public eye and in the media was talking about how they’d love to kill me, Amy Lee may have been joking in what she said to goth boy in that interview, but it’s still partially meant. Nobody likes a bully and I hope everybody reads this. Because nobody deserves to be treated like this, humans deserve respect whether they’re a celebrity or not.

  10. Sam says:

    …And please don’t get me confused with the San that posted previously to this post, we are different people and share different opinions, and I stand by my opinion, Amy Lee is wrong.

  11. Sam says:

    Also, Britney Spears never bullied anyone, she has always been the victim in the music industry, she’s always been the one who’s gotten stomped on, britney can do what she wants with her life, and if she or any other celebrity wants to get plastic surgery, then that’s her perogative, just like the song, nobody can tell her what to do. And britneys not hurting anybody so it’s none of Amy Lee’s business. I just think that there are some things that people just shouldn’t say. And should just keep to themselves, but unfortunately for Amy Lee she has to be afraid of those people to keep her mouth shut. Like when an interviewer asked Amy what she thought of insane clown posse, she had no comment, because she knows if she said what she said about britney to them, she’d be a goner, and also that time when 50 cent interrupted evanescence’s Grammy moment, she never once slammed 50 cent for that, all she said in an interview was that she was unphased by the 50 cent interruption. But She never said that she wanted to choke him and poison him! and she has more reason to be mad at 50 cent than she does at Britney Spears, who has done NOTHING to her, however, 50 cent was upset because the music industry wasn’t giving him Grammys and he deserved one, and if they weren’t fair with him then I agree with 50 cent that he should’ve gotten a Grammy, but he was still wrong for interrupting evanescence. But whenever Amy Lee is scared of someone she’ll keep her mouth shut, but if she isn’t, she’ll be a nasty witch. Sorry for all of these posts but I’m really fired up about this. I’ll let someone else take over the rant.

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