Amy Lee: Evanescence Is More Of A Band Without Moody

Amy Lee tells The Oklahoman that the departure of founding guitarist in October 2003 altered the band’s dynamic. Now, guitarist John LeCompt, bassist William Boyd, drummer Rocky Gray, and Moody’s replacement, former Cold guitarist Terry Balsamo, are part of the creative process. “Without Ben, we’re all free,” she said. “We’re all part of a band — it’s not so much of a monarchy. We’re all becoming … I don’t know how to describe it other than just more of a band.” Backtracking for a moment, Lee added, “I wish I hadn’t said ‘monarchy.’ It’s hard for me to describe. I would have said ‘dictatorship,’ but that wouldn’t work, because I was involved, too. It was more along the lines of, Ben and I did everything and told everyone else what to do. As much as, at times, I would have liked to change that, it really wasn’t something Ben wanted to do.”

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