American Hi-Fi Loses The Layering On Follow-Up LP

American Hi-Fi 'The Art Of Losing'

Steve Morse of the Boston Globe caught up with frontman Stacy Jones who talked about ‘The Art of Losing’, the band’s follow-up to their self titled debut. “The main difference from the first album is that the sound is not as layered,” says Jones. “And we didn’t use any Pro Tools or computer tricks. It’s all analog. The core of it is all four of us playing songs at the same time in the studio together. Too many records are now made by recording the drums into Pro Tools and making them perfect, then doing the same with the bass and so on. But you can suck the life out of the music that way. When you listen to old records by the Stones and the Clash, some of the playing is even out of tune. And we like that.” has since removed the article.

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