Amber Pacific Take A Day Off From Warped Tour

guitarist Will Nutter posted the following blog to fans on their Myspace on Tuesday (August 21):


So a lot has been going on in the world of Amber Pacific and I think it’s been to long since we last let you in on what exactly that stuff is so here I am, bringing you the latest news!

First off, we would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for us in the Energizer Band contest especially those of you in Seattle, you were the only city we actually won that in so it means a lot to us that you guys took some time to do that. Thanks again!

As for Warped Tour, we are spending the day off in Fresno today and we’ll probably hang with our good friend Monica! She was my childhood friend when we were in elementary school for those of you who wanted to know. Ha! Then we’ll spend the next few days finishing out the tour, it’s been amazing getting to play every city on the Warped Tour and for the first time in our Warped Tour career we didn’t leave anyone hanging. Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows and who picked up some merch, we know that at some point you have to choose between your two favorite bands and we appreciate you picking us!

As for post Warped Tour, we will be spending about a week at home in which I think I personally plan to head down to Vegas for a day or two and try my luck at Roulette again, last time I played I made out pretty well…by that I mean $500 well!! Haha however I will say that it was my first time really gambling there so I’ll probably lose quite a bit this time around. Back to the band, we will be kicking off a 3 week tour with Sum 41 and Monty Are I September 8th I believe in Portland Maine! Following that we are looking at heading out with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus for a few one off shows in the US but mostly just a 10 day run in Northeastern Canada! That’s right, our first time touring in Canada!! Then we have some big plans for you all but I am not inclined to say just quite yet but keep your eyes peeled :-)

Hopefully we will be seeing all of you at some point before the year is done with but if not we are planning to be out as much as possible with the new year coming so please continue to come and support us.

AP fans are the best! Thanks!

– William

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