Amanda Palmer: Touring Climate Is Bad

Amanda Palmer

checked in with fans on her official web site blog on Tuesday (June 22), talking about the Evelyn Evelyn tour ending over the weekend in Boston and how it probably should have been marketed differently. The Dresden Dolls singer writes:

The general touring climate blows… it’s BAD out there, ticket prices are getting slashed and a lot of artists are playing to half-empty rooms due to the economy and the overgutted market since EVERY band and their moms are hitting the road to make up for the shortfall in record sales. And the weirdness of the show billing dented us… the shows were about half sold-out, which was actually pretty respectable… but it did teach me a damn fine lesson in marketing. We billed the show wrong; it should have been billed as an Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley extravaganza, with the twins as a support act, not the other way around. Those who knew about the twins would have gotten what they expected, those only familiar with me & Jason would have been strangely surprised by our weirdo stunts.

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One thought on “Amanda Palmer: Touring Climate Is Bad

  1. dodah says:

    Amanda Palmer is a fu**ing idiot. No one went to your show because you suck!!!!

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