Amanda Palmer Teams With Producer John Congleton Thanks To His “Fan Letter”

Singer Amanda Palmer

spoke with Billboard about teaming up with John Congleton (St. Vincent, Modest Mouse) to produce her first studio album since her 2008 solo debut ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’. “Three or four years ago, John wrote me a fan letter one day, and said, ‘I love Dresden Dolls and I would love to work with you. What have you got planned?'” the former The Dresden Dolls singer explained. “Working with a new producer is always kind of a leap of faith. You can meet with them and you can even do some test sessions, which I did with John – kind of like, ‘let me date you before I actually get married to you for a record.’ But ultimately, you sort of do the math on a producer, and you say, well, they have these influences, they’ve made these records, they don’t seem like a crazy human being, and then you just jump in.”

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