Amanda Palmer Lashes Out At Warner Bros. For Pulling YouTube Videos

Amanda Palmer

checked in with fans on her official web site’s blog on Wednesday (December 24), reacting to Warner Bros. pulling all of their videos off YouTube after they failed to reach a revenue sharing agreement. The Dresden Dolls star writes:

In other words, Roadrunner is a subsidiary of Warner and I’m stuck in hell with Madonna and the other poor bastards, because Warner wants more money. Even worse, Warner has almost no bargaining power… They’re not even in the top ten of labels who have huge artists with material streaming on YouTube. They’re just starving for cash right now and they’re doing anything they can think of to come up with cash. It’s abSURD. They are looking for money in a totally backwards way.

Money that, I should point out, I would NEVER see as an artist. If they got their way and YouTube decided to give them a larger revenue share of the videos, it’s very unlikely it would ever make it’s way into the artists’ bank accounts.

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One thought on “Amanda Palmer Lashes Out At Warner Bros. For Pulling YouTube Videos

  1. Jason says:

    Amanda Palmer is one of the most atrocious musicians I have had the misfortune of hearing. For the first time in my life, I am siding with the record company. Palmer’s incredible arrogance combined with her utter lack of talent are unmarketable, so why should a record company invest in a woman who can’t be bothered to learn her craft?

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