Almost Famous

While Joey Duenas and his Unloco bandmates had big plans after signing with Maverick Records and releasing ‘Healing’ in 2001, the reality was that by the end of the year they arrived back home in Austin broke, disappointed and practically homeless. “Being green in the industry, we were told a lot of stories, and we expected a lot of things. They [obviously] didn’t happen that way,” Duenas tells Bob Ruggiero of the Dallas Observer. “We expected to be this huge band out of our hometown but came back and had not much to show for it. We did the best we could, but it was a big slap in the face, and puts you in a really bad place emotionally.” Now with their second album ‘Becoming I’, they’ve lowered their expectations, touring as an opening act for Kittie and , as well as being the low men on a totem pole that included Disturbed, and . has since removed the article.

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